Angora Goats & Sheep

Angora Goats were our first fiber animals.  We usually shepherd a flock of 20 to 25 breeding does with kids being born each spring.  We raise both white and Colored Angora Goats primarily for their fleece, which is called mohair.  We also have a small flock of sheep both white and colored raised for their wools, with lambs also being born in the spring.  Mohair is a long fiber that is warm, strong and lustrous.  The fleece usually grows about one inch a month, so we shear our goats every spring and fall. The wool and mohair is mixed together to make our own specially designed yarns.

Angora Goats are smaller than dairy goats, with does usually weighing between 60 and 90 pounds.  Goats are seasonal breeders, being bred in the fall or early winter.  When a kid is approximately six months old it will be sheared for the first time, yielding a beautiful fine fiber.  Angora Goats are very curious, quiet animals.  They are friendly and not aggressive towards people or other animals.  They do, however, butt one another, especially when competing for feed.  Angora Goats are not generally dehorned.  Their horns are useful when handling the animals, as well as for the goats to groom and scratch themselves.  The horns may also be part of their cooling mechanism.  Considering the Angora Goats size and disposition, they are ideal for women and children to handle.

Angora Goats are prized not only for their beautiful fiber, but also for their ability to clear brush and less desirable plants such as Multiflora Rose, from overgrown pastures.  With careful management, Angora Goats perform quite satisfactorily in the cold temperatures of Northwestern Pennsylvania.  We have young goats and lambs for sale for breeding, pets, 4-H projects, and for the spinner that wants to raise their own mohair and wool.  Please contact us for prices and availability.